Aspie Trait #3 – We Are Good Writers But Not Good Speakers..

Banner Aspie  This week’s Aspie trait is one that is powerful for me. I have always been a good writer. In high school and college, I almost effortlessly got A’s in all my composition classes. Writing just came easily for me. If I add up all the posts I have written in the last ten years on the various blogs I have started, the number likely exceeds 10,000 posts.  I discovered I have hyperlexia which means that my comprehension for reading, writing and typing far exceeds my verbal comprehension.

Public speaking is just difficult for me along with many other types of social interactions. Although I have managed to do a significant amount of public speaking, I am not very good at it. I am always approaching a panic mode, especially on topics I am not passionate about.

Getting back to writing, I am seldom satisfied with what I write the first time around. It never seems to have just the right words to adequately express what I want to say. I often go through several edits before I am satisfied with the words. That is just my nature that I have come to accept.

3 thoughts on “Aspie Trait #3 – We Are Good Writers But Not Good Speakers..

  1. I’ve always been good at writing but writing has not always come easily to me. At one point it was very difficult for me. The finished product was always good but the process of getting there was torture and I often was unable to get there. I’m pretty good at public speaking, much better than I am at having conversations with people.


    1. Hi Kira and welcome to RJsCorner. Yeah, the autism spectrum is broad indeed. I too have problems with conversations for two reasons, one is that I often just don’t know what to say about something and the other is that since I am deaf even a basic conversation starts out difficult. The one thing that bugs me is that when I am even having a conversation with a hearing person and another hearing person joins in I am almost always ignored after that. I just disappear…

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  2. I think rewriting (often many times) is a practice shared by all good writers. You obviously fit the mold. I was fearful about the prospect of speaking before a group all through my school years. The U.S. Army decided my job would be speaking before some 850 men every week in movie theaters! I learned the art of public speaking very quickly–the alternative might have been life in the stockade–but I never enjoyed it.

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