All About Meltdowns…

I have let it be known many times here on RJsCorner that I have significant Aspie traits. I have not been officially diagnosed, nor do I care to be, so I don’t call myself an Aspie. If you want to know more about this condition, at least from my personal perspective click here.

I had an Aspie type meltdown about three weeks ago that scared me. I have had a few more since then so I kinda get the reason for them. If you care to read about my first meltdown click here to see that post.

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Laser Focus… In The Groove

I didn’t know which name I wanted to title this post, so I gave you both. This post is about how my Aspie traits allow me to almost totally block out the world for hours at a time.

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There Is Only One Thing Worse Than Being An Aspie…

From my “Introduction to Journalism” class I took in college I learned that the headline is the primary reason most stop and read an article. I learned that lesson well it seems. 😏 I’m not saying that having Aspie traits is awful, in fact I think they have enriched my life in more ways than they have hurt. But I am saying that another condition combined with Aspie traits makes life almost impossible at times. That is what this post is all about.

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Aspie Trait #4 – We Just Don’t Understand Body Language.

  Understanding body language, things like facial expressions and tone of voice are important for social interactions. But many of us Aspies are just not very good at those type things.  To us, it is a strange and mysterious thing so we often tend to misinterpret what is actually being communicated. Without recognizing these things our response to some conversations seems inappropriate. We generally take many things literally and based on the facts in front of us instead of as they may be intended. Of course, I have a more difficult time of tone of language than most Aspies since … Continue reading Aspie Trait #4 – We Just Don’t Understand Body Language.

Aspie Trait #3 – We Are Good Writers But Not Good Speakers..

  This week’s Aspie trait is one that is powerful for me. I have always been a good writer. In high school and college, I almost effortlessly got A’s in all my composition classes. Writing just came easily for me. If I add up all the posts I have written in the last ten years on the various blogs I have started, the number likely exceeds 10,000 posts.  I discovered I have hyperlexia which means that my comprehension for reading, writing and typing far exceeds my verbal comprehension. Public speaking is just difficult for me along with many other types of social … Continue reading Aspie Trait #3 – We Are Good Writers But Not Good Speakers..

Aspie Trait #2 – We are honest to a fault

   We Aspies are usually brutally honest and speak our mind. Our allegiance is to the truth, not people’s feelings. Most people learn not to tell the truth all the time. Sometimes white lies need to be said so as not to hurt friends’ feelings. But white lies just seem immoral or at least illogical to many of us Aspies. Of course, being brutally honest is not the way to make friends at least at a casual level so many of us lack those kinds of friendship growing up. I realize that I sometimes hurt people’s feeling here on RJsCorner by … Continue reading Aspie Trait #2 – We are honest to a fault

Aspie Trait #1: We Don’t All Have The Same Traits Or Severity

I thought as part of the RJsCorner rework I would add a weekly snippet about Asperger’s Traits.  I want to emphasize here that I am not an “expert” on this condition but I have apparently lived with it most of my life and I have also done quite a bit of study on the topic over the last few months. Since everyone seems to like numbered lists that will be the format these posts will take. The numbers are only the order of presentation and have nothing to do with priority. Let’s get started. It hasn’t always been so but Asperger’s … Continue reading Aspie Trait #1: We Don’t All Have The Same Traits Or Severity