Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Have To…

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Slow down you’re moving too fast,  got to make the morning last…

2017-06-18_10-41-14.pngThe above words come from an old Simon and Garfunkel song entitled “59th Street Bridge Song” otherwise known as Feelin Groovy.  Even in the 1960s many people thought that life was just moving too fast. Can you image what they might think about today?

Getting to the title of this post, just because you can do things faster now doesn’t mean you have to. We can all slow down to what feels comfortable to us. At least when we are not on the job.  🙂  I am not a person who mourns the advancements in technology but there are things that bug me because they just move too fast:

  • There is an ever increasing number of TV shows around that spend no more than one second on a particular scene. The picture is constantly flashing from one to the next. There is simply no time to appreciate what you are seeing.  I don’t know if this has anything to do with maybe the editors having ADHD. There just seems to be more and more of these types of shows that I have quit watching lately.
  • People simply drive too fast and road rage is getting out of control. With our increasing sense of “us” vs “them”  we seem to be making our lives more dangerous as the years pass.
  • My light at the end of the tunnel of life is coming into view. For that reason time is just moving too fast. It seems like yesterday that I graduated from college and started dreaming about the future and ignoring the present.
  • Racing through life to get to the end. That thought is very prevalent in my Will Rogers quote at the top of this site.  We all rush through life in order to get to our retirement years and then spend those years trying to figure out what to do with them. 🙂 If that is not irony I don’t know what is.

But let’s bring some logical to this discussion. The fact is we all still have the same 24 hour day as our very distant ancestors had. That hasn’t changed one iota. The other thought is that things only go as fast as you allow them to. In my day, kids spent most of their time with the other neighborhood kids in doing this and that.  Now it seems that it is a never ending job to transport our kids from one activity to another. If you complain about that please realize that it is a result of a choice you made and doesn’t have to be so.

It is a difficult lesson for too many of us to learn that life is not about yesterday or even tomorrow, but instead about today. Take it from someone who wasted much of my seven decades on this earth and slow down and live it each day at a time. Learn from the past, try to do better in the future, but live your life in the present.  I can’t think of any wiser words to end this post.


5 thoughts on “Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Have To…

  1. Time is an odd thing, or our perception really. For me months can speed by, but a day can sometimes take forever it seems. It seems to depend on if I go out do something etc. I enjoy what I call slow time….morning coffee listening to the outdoors or before dusk sitting outside with a glass of wine to help contemplate life, but then during the day I seem to need busy busy…I get anxious without it. But I’m sure my life situation ( being a widow) influences all this…..thoughtful post.

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    1. I get the same feeling Mary especially during the winter months but in the opposite direction. The time between November and April seems twice as long as the rest of the year. I need to be a snow bird but my wife will have nothing to do with that. 🙂 I’m just not much of a lover of “slow time” it guess….


      1. I moved south to (Fl) to get away from winter blues. I need BUSY in the day and sunny and warm climate. Contrary to beliefs, Fla is not so terribly hot in the summer. Just look at the West right now and winters are fabulous! I suffer from SAD, so I need light.


  2. I never feel the passage of time so much as when I look through albums of pictures from my parents youth, and my childhood or my daughters childhoods…I love to look at them now and then, but it always make me feel so sad and I cry to see all that is so long gone. So many people gone, so many places changed, and it almost seems like it never really happened. I guess that’s why I like to fill my days with busyness and purpose of some kind so I don’t dwell on everything that has passed. As you said, life is not about yesterday but about today and living in the present. And living it at a thoughtful pace…not as a race.

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    1. Hi Jane, a few years ago I spent the winter months digitizing our twenty or so photo albums and put them on a special computer in our living room. They cycle through about 15,000 photos at a thirty second interval. So, I see my life, not flashing, but slowly appearing before my eyes. My wife has many pictures of her childhood in the 1940 and 50s. My family, because Mom was an extreme narcissist took very few picture of anyone but her. So my childhood memories are pretty limited photo wise.

      I have always primarily been a “forward” looker. I dream of what might be instead of what was. But then just didn’t spend much time in the present and that was a mistake…


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