$600 Billion, But….

$600 Billion Annual Spending

Annually we spend in excess of $600 billion on our military to protect us from foreign invaders at the same time the GOP is not willing to spend $20 billion to keep millions of us from dying of treatable diseases and ailments. I don’t know maybe it is just me but I don’t see an ounce of logic in that fact.  For one thing, we have not been invaded by more than a handful of discontents since 1812.

Yes, I admit that by some fluke in structural design a handful of USA haters managed to kill three thousand or so of us some sixteen years ago , but ten times that number of people will likely die annually because of denial of adequate health care from the proposed TrumpCare lack of funding. I don’t know but this just doesn’t make any sense to me. Somehow or another there seems to be zero empathy, or maybe “brother’s care”  in this fact.

canstockphoto10436672.jpgIt is totally ironic to me that many, perhaps most, of the 25% who voted these guys in office are Evangelicals who supposedly follow the words of Jesus.  I spent seven years thoroughly studying his words and it is crystal clear to me that his PRIME message was to love God and to love each other. Does anyone but me see the dichotomy between the words of Jesus and current Evangelical actions?

Maybe, its because of my Aspie traits that I just can’t understand this at all.  Maybe I am just too logical in my thoughts?  What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “$600 Billion, But….

  1. Amazingly Evangelicals and Fundamentalists care about two things and two things only….abortion and gay marriage. They would follow the devil if they thought he opposed both of those. The rest means nothing. Jesus’s words and actions mean nothing. They have ruined Christianity in my view. They care nothing about their fellow man ( all men and women, all ethnicities, all beliefs), as evidenced by spewing their pious, holier than thou, we are the only ones going to heaven stance.

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  2. You are totally logical. More logic might include statements such as these: (1) If you don’t endorse abortions, don’t get one; (2) If gay marriages offend you, don’t enter into one; (3) If you cannot abide living in a country where freedom of (and thus from) religion is one of the fundamental principles, try moving to one where you are required to observe a state religion whether you approve of it or not.

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    1. The Christian Bible tells us not to judge another person but that message seems to have been lost at least among a segment of that population. Thanks for the comments you two…


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