Religion Does More Harm Than Good..

It is interesting to see another country where the majority thinks religion does more harm than good, especially since this one is our neighbor. I’m not sure what the statistics in Europe are but I suspect that they are similar to Canada’s.

More than half of Canadians believe religion causes more harm than good, a new poll has found. The survey by Ipsos found the proportion of people who held the belief had increased in recent years, from 44 per cent in 2011 to 51 per cent this year. Less than a quarter of people, or 24 per cent, believed that religious people made better citizens, down eight points from 2011, Global News reported.

Source: Majority of Canadians think religion does more harm than good | The Independent

canstockphoto17505783I have been brave enough to openly hold this position for about a dozen years now but was kind of surprised that so many believe as I do. ¬†Before you start flaming I want to explain my feelings. ¬†It is not that we shouldn’t be praising God for everything he created but instead about the versions of religion that have sprung up over the centuries trying to do that.

If you are a history enthusiast it is hard not to come to the conclusion that religion does more harm than good. ¬†We see so many wars started around one person’s view of God vs another’s. ¬†By far the majority of religions believe that their vision of God is the only true one. That belief is the foundation for the Sunni vs Shiite, Protestant vs Catholic, Lutherans vs Baptists (I could go on and on..) and even inside the splits within a particular belief. ¬†Personally I know that WELS Lutherans think that ELSA Lutherans are just plain ungodly.

I have come to believe in what I call the Woody Guthrie view of religions and that is that we are ALL just part of one big soul. We are all searching for God and far too many of us just refuse to believe that it is that simple…

We are all in this together


5 thoughts on “Religion Does More Harm Than Good..

  1. Very good post. I’m an agnostic, but sometimes feel there might be a bigger picture here of some sort of creative being with a plan and a purpose for this whole thing we call the Universe. But whether it’s a personal force or not, I don’t know. I have tried a few churches over time, but they have never caught on with me. I’d love a church that wasn’t about Jesus or any other figure, but just God. And where the emphasis was about treating your fellow man well and taking care of our one home, the Earth. And there was no talk of heaven or hell or this or that faith being correct or any exclusion for race or gender identity.

    I’ve always felt that Christianity and others have done a great disservice to our world…wars, killings, hatred, persecution, arrogance, and this latest anti science stance is so self destructive. And all for what?

    The emphasis on being “saved” and believing the correct” dogma and that being your ticket to heaven rather than being a good decent person is ludicrous. What kind of good God would behave that way, condemning millions to hell that are perfectly decent people. Why would anyone want to follow or worship a being like that! What would even be the point? So I can find no church that I can attend because basically they are all alike…we’re right, others are wrong and they’re all going to hell. Do people really think God is that petty?


  2. I agree R.J. But, I find myself avoiding conversations where I am surrounded by ardent Christians who roll their eyes and cluck their tongues when I say I don’t believe as they do. By that I mean a number of my relatives…sigh. Not much tolerance there for differing views.

    And, Mary you have put my thoughts into words here. I struggle with the right words when I’m asked to explain my “beliefs”. I may have to copy this down for future reference because it exactly the same way I feel. Thank you!


  3. Mary–If you haven’t you might try a Unitarian-Universalist congregation. I joined one six years ago after spending most of my lifetime sharing some of the grave doubts about Christianity others express here and elsewhere. The UU’s have no creed, but generally subscribe to a set of principles that reflect the ideas you say are needed in a church you would “love.”


  4. The one in my area is very small and not well attended ( I have been twice here and to one in NC) and I’ve found a lot of the emphasis is activism, marching, protesting, which isn’t really me. The closest bigger ones are almost two hours away. I’m in a smallish town in Fla.


  5. It’s nice to see so much activity here while I have been gone. ūüôā

    If I were looking for a church home I would investigate a Quaker congregation. They are very service oriented but also family centered. But, since my wife is so soured on religion now that probably won’t happen.


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