It’s Nice To Know Where You Came From, But…

HavingMySay Banner  It’s nice to know where you came from but it is more important to know where you are going and we as a world and especially a country don’t seem to have any idea about our future.

We need to align ourselves with our fellow man.  A good way to start that is to quit thinking that those you disagree with you, particularly in political matters, are the enemy. Instead we should see them as just people like us who happened to have a different view on solutions to our problems.

Now don’t get me wrong here, our history/past is important.  I have spent a large part of my life learning about America’s history. I have visited hundreds of historical places and read hundreds of book about our country and particularly its founding fathers. A big part of this blog is dedicated to history as shown in the InSearchOfAmerica section.

Our personal history known as our heritage is also important to understand how we got to where we are. But, on a priority level our history/past/heritage must take a back burner to where we are headed. Being very brainy here, you can’t change the past or do very little about the present, but we have the ability to change our future if we don’t like the direction it is headed.

I know there are people out there that scream if we give up what we were then we have no heritage. To that I say poppycock.  Sometimes our heritage needs to be forgotten if we are to move into a more peaceful future. One of the examples in this area are that many born-deaf people think that giving a deaf child a cochlear implant which would allow them to hear is child abuse in that it denies them their heritage.

I, for private reasons, have never been very interested in my personal heritage. But if I found own that I was a descendent of a serial killer I think that part of my heritage would quickly be forgotten.

Let’s end this post with  a more lighthearted view of future change, especially world change:

We need to start driving on the same side of the road — It is kind of silly, not to mention dangerous  when one country drives on the left and another drives on the right.  Maybe a good first step is to  drive on the same side of the road.  I know this won’t result in world peace but..

canstockphoto21701079.jpgWe need to start speaking and writing in the same language — I know the Christian and Jewish bibles say God mixed up all our languages because we were starting to get too smart.  That really doesn’t make a lot of sense, particularly in today’s world. 🙂 All our different languages just get in the way of communication effectively with each other.  We as a world need to pick a language and then all agree that everyone must learn to speak that language in xx (you fill in the blank) years.


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