A Tyrant??


I got this snippet from a Facebook friend a while ago. Of course you know who that reminded me of.  I don’t have to say the name this time.  In this same vein, a few months ago I DVRed a series on satellite TV entitled Einstein. I recorded ten episodes from season one.  The latest episode I watched was when he was living in Germany during the 1930s and was exposed to the rise of hitler. Some of the parallels to today were troublesome.

I don’t believe that a tyrant could dismantle our country but we must stay ever vigilant to prevent even a slight possibility of that happening. I just pray that the vast majority of us don’t buy into the line that the press is the enemy of the people…


  1. I love your blog. You post interesting thoughtful posts, but I wish you had more commenting followers. I find it enjoyable to see other thoughts. But this may not bother you, but on to your post.
    I agree wholeheartedly and can only hope “he” will be his own undoing. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This is what I think of the people who still support him and I know many still do no matter what he does. I know people who think Fox is the only real news and herein lies the problem. There are similarities to Germany and Hitler in those days and if the free press goes or is censored….goodbye democracy. Minorities and other fringe groups will need to rethink where they might want to live, for the vision of America will not be what the founders originally meant.


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