ISOA BannerI know the topic of paperweights sounds very boring.  A paperweight can be a rock or just about anything with enough weight to hold down a stack of paper. But when you see some of the glass paperweights from around the world  you have no idea of how beautiful they can be. That is what this post is going to try and do.

The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass in Neenah Wisconsin has one of the largest collections of paperweights in the world. Most people don’t realize that glass blown paperweights have been around for a thousand years or more. It is an art form with incredible beauty.

Here is a collection of pictures I took during a recent visit to Neenah.

As usual click on any image to bring up a larger slideshow view:

One thought on “Paperweights..

  1. These are very pretty. I love the 3-D effect. I found one recently that I share with my dementia groups. First, I hold it in my palm and let them examine it to see how many things they can pick out. It’s a underwater scene complete with shells, pearls, foliage, and a sea horse. Then I put it in their hand so they can feel they weight of it. Great prop and sparky conversation piece!


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