slice7  I have visited Galena Illinois four times since the picture below was taken in 1990. The town just seems frozen in time to when U.S. Grant occasionally lived there.


Since the picture was recorded on film and then rescanned it doesn’t have the resolution to be a large scale photo but that doesn’t reduce it beauty.  It was taken in the early morning sun from Grant Park which is across the river from the town center .  Now onto my story about Galena.

My wife is a gamer, not the online kind but she does spend hours each week with her “computer friends” from a DVD of card and board games.  I think she has come to know those characters better than she does me.  Another part of her gaming is playing slot machines, so we occasionally spend some time in casinos.  Although they are not my favorite places I usually play $5 at a time and then call it quits.  It so happened that the last time we were in Dubuque Iowa casino I put my $5 in and it returned  over $400 in winnings!  To celebrate we decided to stop once again in Galena on our way home.

Galena-2As usual we spent hours walking the town and enjoying its scenic beauty.  I have probably taken 200 pictures of the town and yet never run out of something new to photograph each time I go. When we stopped at a high end gallery and saw the print “Galena Winter” I knew where a good portion of my winnings would go.  That picture has resided on our wall for a few years now.