For Good Men To Do Nothing..

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

slice8  I don’t necessarily call, at least yet, our current times evil but none the less the Edmund Burke quote above applies to where we are as a country. Too many of us decided to sit out the last election cycle and what we got is the result.  I certainly hope that this is a lesson learned and election participation increases dramatically in the coming years. We can no longer allow a radical fringe minority to choose our country’s leadership.

Good men doing nothing is basically the cause for much of the evil in the past. Hitler’s rise to power is a result of  Germans thinking that he will go away on his own.  But the stronger he got the less able they were to do anything about it.  I know many in that period who supported him say they were just stuck in the times but to me that is a pretty lame excuse much the same as those who now lament that they pulled the GOP lever the last time around.

How could people just ignore the fact that Hitler was exterminating millions in gas chambers in their backyard!! How could they do nothing!! But, there is a different lesson learned from those times and that is that we as a world have been in much deeper straights than we are presently. There are too many today who seemingly have given up that times will be better.  They have given up hope that we will continue striving to be a “Brother’s keeper” nation as Jesus demanded of us.  All we need to do is to look back at those times and then look to where Germany is today.  They are now the Europe’s leader and may someday be the world leader.

Don’t give up hope that things will get better. Instead as good men and women, rise up and do something about it. I will bookend this post with another famous quote and this one is from Gandhi.


2 thoughts on “For Good Men To Do Nothing..

  1. At your suggestion, I just read an article on the Red Letter Christian website about how the Nashville Statement (which I had never heard of) was wrong and took Jesus’s teachings out of the statement and basically how unkind it was. I agreed. Then I read the comments and low and behold, they confirmed what I’ve been feeling all along and have said here many times.
    We are in the midst of a far right fundamentalist evangelical takeover that has nothing to do with Jesus’s original teachings, but their lust for power in instilling fear and hate and judgement. As I recall, one of Jesus’s biggest statements was about NOT judging. And these mega churches and this prosperity theology…please! What would Jesus think of that? It’s a disgrace especially since they make millions by sucking in the people.

    And yes as you said, the Red Letter Christians may speak up against this present hateful dogma, but it’s just a website with probably little following. I meant in a previous comment, where are the everyday churches in communities, in their stance against this kind of hateful pattern and thinking? I do not hear them speaking up.

    I am so discouraged by the meanest of people and if God exists (God help us). Otherwise we’re screwed.

    And this is what fits your above quote perfectly and is so true.


    1. RedLetterChristians is not just a small website. They have in excess of 50,000 followers and Shane Claiborne who is one of the founders is probably the number one selling theologian author. All of his books end up on the NY Times best seller list. He is himself a pastor doing it like Jesus did. Jim Wallis is another founder who is a noted theologian and was the spiritual advisor to President Obama. He is often cited by CNN and others as a religious scholar and graduated from Harvard. They have hundreds of congregations linked to their cause.

      Mary, you need to accept that you are not the only one railing against the evangelical fringe. There are probably millions of us out there. Together we can make a difference and turn this around.


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