Times Square Repenter..

When we were in NYC the last time we rented a hotel room very near Time Square. It was pretty expensive but since this was probably our last time there we deemed it worth the costs.  For those who don’t know it Saturday night in Times Square is all about partying. Thousands turn out to celebrate one thing or another. And then there are always a few to have a different agenda for that night.  That is the topic of the picture below.

I have seen this picture hundreds of time since it was taken in 2014 and almost every time I wonder what kind of a life the person at the center of the picture has? I always imagine he is really not that much unlike the Evangelicals who currently occupy the fringes of the Republican party. They seem to think, at least to me, that we should all go through life with a dark cloud over our heads since we are all such dreadful sinners. Life is not meant to be joyful or fun, it is meant to be lived in fear of the wrath of God.

I suspect this guy spends many Saturday nights trying to convince the Times Square revelers to feel guilty about their celebrations.  Yesterday’s post was about my disappointments in life. Sometimes they get me down but I imagine a life spent telling everyone that there is no joy in this world is much much much worse.

In light of yesterday’s post about disappointments, this guy totally disappointed me because far too many take him as the face of Christianity and that could not be further from the truth… how disappointing that he is spreading that message…

Times Square Repenter.jpg