Altered States..

canstockphoto44046673.jpgWho wants to totally live in our hectic world today.  I have seen too many of my friends give up on our times and say they want out.  That defeatist attitude seem to be taking over our world especially with the current Oval Office holder in charge.

It seems that all of us need to get away from today at least for a little while each day. We need an “Altered State” that we can escape to. Somewhere where the world doesn’t seem so real. Just what that altered state ends up being depends on the person. Some like one thing, some like another.  Here are some of the choices:

Alcohol – Some can’t wait till the end of the day when they can have their beer or shot. Of course this remedy is not a new one. People have been doing that for as long as we have existed.  Those folks on the mythical TV show Blue Bloods must go through gallons of the stuff daily.  Even the police commissioner on the show regularly takes a shot or two in his office.  He NEEDS his altered state. Some of my personal altered states include an occasional beer or wine but that is less than one a week thing.

Cigarettes –  I know a thing or two about this altered state as I was a smoker for over twenty years! It has been twenty-five  years since my last one but I still remember how nicotine helped me forget some of my worries. My wife unfortunately still puffs on her cancer sticks even after three heart attacks and bout with lung cancer.

Coffee – Caffeine is another altered state drug that millions use.  If it is not multiple cups of coffee a day or a six pack of Mountain Dew then it is another special drink loaded with the drug.

Marijuana – This is an altered state that is coming back into its own.  It used to be legal and then it wasn’t. I see more and more States (no not that kind but the 50 in the USA) are legalizing it once again. Even though I was in college in the 1960s I never tried the stuff then or since. I don’t personally know how “altered” my state would be if marijuana was my choice but I suspect it would mellow me out and don’t we all need our dose that in these current times.

Opioids – These are the tragic altered states that have become an epidemic lately.  Mostly this is due to over prescribing heron type drugs by doctors. Opioids just alter your state too much but maybe not if we have to really go through four Trump years…  Before you hit the flame button I am joking…

Let’s close out this post with some sobering thoughts. Maybe if we spent more time outside our altered states we might just be able to prevent the things that make them necessary.

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