It’s Hard Looking Beyond Self Preservation Nowadays..

The political news just gets raunchier and raunchier now that we have a “liar-in-chief” in the Oval Office. The president used to be an image that we could give our children for their inspirations. Now we need to shield them from the current occupant’s disrespectful rantings and constant lies.  My tolerance for these intolerable defects continues to erode as each day passes.

I used to be a hog for news. I watched multiple sources on a daily basis. Now, the only thing I can seem to stomach is the PBS Newshour and since it is recorded and watched the next morning about half of it is watched in the fast-forward mode. I did see a recent segment where and a GOP consultant made the comment that Mr. Trump is not the problem when it comes to civility and such but only a reflection of our times. He insinuated that all of this hateful rhetoric and actions are now endemic in our society. It is the new norm! I totally reject that idea. Saner minds will once again rule this country.

But I do admit that when things get as dark as they are many of us go into the self-preservation mode which of course means primarily looking out for ourselves and things that personally affect us. That is not a mode to be in for an extended period of time but sometimes it is necessary to maintain our sanity. I know I personally don’t give much of a hoot on what happens in the rest of the world right now.  As long as I have my social security and Medicare I will be satiated for now.  If those are threatened, and they just might be in the months and years ahead, I will spring like a cornered cat to defend my way of life. Sadly, I am in the self-survival mode right now.  I can’t see anything good coming from the narcissist in the Oval Office so I am just praying that he doesn’t do too much permanent damage before saner minds control our world.

This is a sad state to be in my final years but that is as it is.  I can only hope and pray for brighter tomorrows….



6 thoughts on “It’s Hard Looking Beyond Self Preservation Nowadays..

  • RJ-

    This is about what I have done. Stopped all of my deliberate news feeds. As I have never watched news on TV, except by accident, it has been a bit easier.

    I hate to think it but I’m getting more envious of people without children. Then I might not care so much.


    • Hi Bob, I can’t imagine never watching TV. That is where I can just stop and relax and maybe be exposed to different ideas. One of my favorite new shows is “The Good Doctor”. It is about a young savant with autism. Really well done. “Mom” is another favorite. It is nice to just sit back once in a while and enjoy being entertained.


  • After awhile you just get tired of it…the seeming never ending discouragement….people still supporting Trump and his ilk…what is the world coming to?
    So now in the morning, I just enjoy my coffee and sitting outside listening to the birds..
    But I’m drawn to the nightly news …..the need to see what outrageous thing he’s done or said ….life is one big reality TV.


    • Wouldn’t that be something I would love to do. But since I don’t drink coffee and can’t hear the birds I have my own version. It is drinking my daily glass of Low Sodium V8 and watching the birds on my bird feeders.

      I don’t think it is good to just ignore our times. Sometimes we need to get involved in order to facilitate the changes necessary to make things better. Since I don’t watch reality TV I can’t comment on the last sentence. 🙂


  • Well, I don’t disagree with you, but I can’t help but point out that you just had a post on negativity. It’s tough to abandon those negative thoughts, isn’t it? But I’m giving it a try.


    • Well, Judy, I didn’t say I was going cold turkey! 🙂

      But in reality what I was trying to say is that criticizing something without offering an alternative is just whining and serves no purpose. I don’t think I will ever quit commenting about when things can be better than they are. To do that I have to show the need don’t I?


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