I Don’t Like Eye Candy..

This is going to be one of my Aspie themed posts or so I image but it also could be my almost total lack of exposure to women in my early years. Six of one, half dozen of the other I imagine.

Simply stated I don’t like eye-candy. Some of you might not know just what eye-candy is so I will explain it here.  Eye-candy is females who are on many TV shows and public events. About the only purpose of these women is to add a visual, and usually sexual, appeal to the subject at hand. Most often they are scantily dressed, wear seven-inch heels and tons of makeup and actually contribute almost nothing to the topic at hand.

2017-12-10_11-10-23.pngI have been to a few large car shows in my time and have seen eye-candy in bikinis draped across the hood of a car.  I usually just walk by to the next car. I guess there is something attractive for these women to make them take on these roles? Maybe it is the attention, maybe it is a validation of their sex appeal, maybe something else. Why in the world would anyone want to put themselves in this environment? It seems a breeding ground for possible sexual harassment cases.

To me, these kind of roles are an insult to womanhood. They are more meat markets than anything else. It is degrading instead of uplifting.

I just don’t like eye-candy..



2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Eye Candy..

  1. Good for you! That says you value brains over boobs and also value women who value in themselves, brains and intellect over boobs. Same with men who are the big muscle builder types…tough guys. Give me a nerdy intellectual any day!


  2. Life’s all uniforms:
    I look in the mirror at who I can see,
    I see a person who’s dressed to please me.

    Dressed for special occasions:
    I look in the mirror, oh! who can that be,
    I see a person who’s dressed to please we.

    Some look in the mirror, God knows who they see,
    the product they’re promoting showing off the queen bee.


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