About Social Anxiety… Part 1

It seems that now that I understand I have Aspie traits, I tend to put all my trouble off to that condition. I have to quit doing that. Anxiety is one of those conditions that likely exists in almost everyone in one form or another. The other thing I am coming to recognize is that many of the Aspie articles seem to think that if … Continue reading About Social Anxiety… Part 1

Sometimes I Just Want To Be Part Of The Crowd

I often take pride in living out of the mainstream in many parts of my life. My deafness of 35 years now, suddenly shut off communications to almost everyone around me. So, I became focused on what I COULD do instead of what I couldn’t. Because of my loss of hearing, my other senses became more enhanced. I feel things and see and feel things … Continue reading Sometimes I Just Want To Be Part Of The Crowd

Ambitions Turned Inward – Part 4 – On Becoming Social

Ambitions Turned Inward (ATI) has turned out to be something much more significant that I thought it would at the beginning of this series. The first post was about wrapping my head around the idea of turning my ever present ambitions inward was all about. The second in the series was about discovering what I might want to do with the rest of my life. … Continue reading Ambitions Turned Inward – Part 4 – On Becoming Social

I Am A Disruptor, But…

Something I pride myself in is being a disruptor. The status quo bores me! Usually, in today’s world, by the time something becomes the status quo it is no longer relevant and is in serious need of change. An important part of life is to realize that change is constant. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that. Sure, you can stick your head in … Continue reading I Am A Disruptor, But…

What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

I have spent almost an entire lifetime trying to figure out why I am so different from many others. It wasn’t until a handful of years ago that I discovered Asperger’s Syndrome, and many of those questions were answered. Being an Aspie is not about being defective, it is just about looking at life with a different perspective. People with neurological differences are called neurodiverse, … Continue reading What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

Until It’s Gone

This post like many, came to me in my daily morning shower. Over the past many years I have come to realize that I am a “morning” person. Most of my creative juices come during the first five or six hours after awakening each day. Before I got out of my shower, I had already formulated the storyline for this post. I usually try to … Continue reading Until It’s Gone

Hanging On To The Asperger Label

I read a recent article over at The Medium about people, like me, who refuse to give up the Aspie label and be dumped into the ocean wide autism spectrum. Here is a quote from that article. (Click HERE to see the rest) The Asperger’s class is overwhelmingly white people who have been given enough advantage to turn a profit on what they couldn’t stop … Continue reading Hanging On To The Asperger Label

One Last Look At My Aspie Meltdowns…

If you are a regular here at RJsCorner, you know that I have said that I had more meltdowns during the last week of my wife’s life than I thought I could endure. They came so frequently that I began feeling that if they don’t stop, I don’t want to live any longer. In this post, I will try to give you an idea of … Continue reading One Last Look At My Aspie Meltdowns…

Finding Yourself In Your Differences

I have made it no secret here on RJsCorner that I struggled through life trying to figure out what was wrong with me. My very narcissistic mother who abandoned me when I was nine years old did nothing but amplify those negative feelings I had about myself. In hindsight, I am kind of glad she left, as I don’t know how much damage she would … Continue reading Finding Yourself In Your Differences

End Of Life Trauma #10 – Freeing & Strangling, At The Same Time

I thought I would give you this epilogue to expand the story on the final week of the trauma of my wife’s death. I know this story is mostly unique to me, and maybe I am penning it more for my benefit than yours, but I can see something similar possibly happening to you. So, maybe my “lessons learned” can be helpful for you. When … Continue reading End Of Life Trauma #10 – Freeing & Strangling, At The Same Time

I’m Still On The Fence With This Autism Thing…

I have done a lot of reading about Asperger’s Syndrome and convinced that I have had many of those typical traits throughout my life, but only in the last decade found that they had a name. Now, the experts have decided that Asperger’s doesn’t exist anymore, it has been swallowed up by the general term autism. To me, that is about the same as saying … Continue reading I’m Still On The Fence With This Autism Thing…

When You Have Seen One…

It’s nice to see some of the more famous and innovative people out there come out as being Aspies. Like me, most of us who are over 30 years old are self-diagnosed as the Asperger’s Syndrome establishment is almost totally concentrated on young children. Adults with Asperger’s just don’t appear on their radar. I didn’t know until I say the above article in The Week … Continue reading When You Have Seen One…

LOM – I am A Word Collector

I recently watched a new episode of Last Tango In Halifax which is a British TV show about two retirees who were in love in their youth meeting again and getting married. I have to say I am watching much more British TV now than ever before. Endevour is probably my favorite. But, that’s another post… Anyway, on that show, one of the retirees mentioned … Continue reading LOM – I am A Word Collector

Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the pandemic is the isolation that many people feel because they are off by themselves. When you live on the margins having more time alone is most often just a fact of life, especially for those of us who have significant Aspie traits or are deaf and for me, that is both. Over the years I have … Continue reading Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

Reigning In My Aspie Traits… Sometimes

I, like Greta Thunberg, consider many of my Aspie traits to be my “superpowers” but some of them do need to be controlled sometimes in order to get things done. I love the fact that I can sit down and totally concentrate on one particular thing and make the rest of the world simply disappear. I still do that for hours at a time, and … Continue reading Reigning In My Aspie Traits… Sometimes

Keeping Things In Perspective

I think it’s time for your last Aspie lesson for 2020. 🥸 I, like everyone else to one degree or another, get things seriously out of perspective. I let little things take up too much of my thinking life. My brain seems to constantly run in overdrive, a dozen things at a time. Many of those things don’t really deserve the space they take up, … Continue reading Keeping Things In Perspective

About Aspies & Narcissism?

I think it is time for another Aspie lesson on RJsCorner. This one is a very basic question Are Aspies Narcissists? One Aspie characteristic that I have in spades is I take things much more personally than NTs. I should probably stop here and explain NT. Those with Aspergers are considered more “neurodiverse” than much of the general population. To signal that difference people without … Continue reading About Aspies & Narcissism?

Adversity Builds Character

The phrase in the title above comes from Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German researcher of philosophy in the mid 1800s. He was considered a child prodigy who unapologetically spoke his mind on a number of topics. I kinda live by that strategy myself. 🤓 He had many controversial quotes attached to his name, but I seriously cling to the one above as being fundamental … Continue reading Adversity Builds Character

Considering My Options For Future Living

I am a list maker and planner, that is who I am, and due to my Aspie traits I put logical thinking above most emotions. In that regard, I realize that I will very likely outlive my wife by possibly several years. She is seven years older than me and in precarious health. When we moved to our current homestead twenty years ago she made … Continue reading Considering My Options For Future Living

All About Meltdowns…

I have let it be known many times here on RJsCorner that I have significant Aspie traits. I have not been officially diagnosed, nor do I care to be, so I don’t call myself an Aspie. If you want to know more about this condition, at least from my personal perspective click here.

I had an Aspie type meltdown about three weeks ago that scared me. I have had a few more since then so I kinda get the reason for them. If you care to read about my first meltdown click here to see that post.

Continue reading “All About Meltdowns…”

A Dirty Little Secret…

Being a published author is kind of like being a sports superstar. Everyone wants to be one but only a very very small portion of us actually make much money from either profession. That is what this post is about.

Continue reading “A Dirty Little Secret…”

85% of Aspies Are Unemployed… What A Crock!

I just ran across this statistic from a medical professional website recently. Refuting that absurd claim is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “85% of Aspies Are Unemployed… What A Crock!”

There Is Only One Thing Worse Than Being An Aspie…

From my “Introduction to Journalism” class I took in college I learned that the headline is the primary reason most stop and read an article. I learned that lesson well it seems. 😏 I’m not saying that having Aspie traits is awful, in fact I think they have enriched my life in more ways than they have hurt. But I am saying that another condition combined with Aspie traits makes life almost impossible at times. That is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “There Is Only One Thing Worse Than Being An Aspie…”

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

As usual for this time of year, I have been in a self-reflective mode here on RJsCorner. It seems that the primary focus this year is my Aspie traits. Why I think that is the case is the topic of this post.

Continue reading “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

“Favorites” Sunday

For the next few Sundays I am going to be looking back at the 10+ years of RJsCorner to resurrect some of my favorite posts from the past. I mean those posts where I swell up when I read them again. The first of those favorites is what this post is all about.

Continue reading ““Favorites” Sunday”

Aspies & Grief

This post is a combination of my topics of Aspies, Philosophy, and Religion, but is centered around the topic of death. Those with Asperger’s just don’t see death as most do. And I kinda think that is a good thing. That is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “Aspies & Grief”

I Gotta Learn How To Be A Duck

Going forward, that’s how I am determined to stay up with this important political season. Just let the political ugliness run off my back and not even notice it. I know all the attacks from #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) are not directed towards me but I tend to take everything personally that I read from that despicable person. Some say that those with Aspie … Continue reading I Gotta Learn How To Be A Duck