The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers

I have run across some interesting articles lately about what makes a good writer. Some of the characteristics come naturally to me, some I need to learn. But one thing I know after nine years and 3,000+ posts here on RJsCorner my secret is in the editing is as much or maybe more important than the first inspirational thoughts that start each post off on the publication process.

Here is the source of the topic for today:

2017-12-11_11-40-03.pngWhat good writers do Good writers practice. They take time to write, crafting and editing a piece until it’s just right. They spend hours and days, just revising. Good writers take criticism on the chin and say “thank you” to helpful feedback; they listen to both the external and internal voices that drive them. And they use it all to make their work better. They’re resigned to the fact that first drafts suck and that the true mark of a champion is a commitment to the craft. It’s not about writing in spurts of inspiration. It’s about doing the work, day-in and day-out. Good writers can do this, because they believe in what they’re doing. They understand this is more than a profession or hobby. It’s a calling, a vocation. Good writers aren’t perfectionists, but they’ve learned the discipline of shipping, of putting their work out there for the world to see. What bad writers don’t do Bad writers don’t understand this, which is precisely what makes them bad writers. They (bad writers) presume their writing has achieved a certain level of excellence, so they are often closed off to editing or rewriting. They can seem haughty, prideful, and arrogant. But really, it’s laziness and fear (mostly fear).

Source: The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers

Many times my daily posts go through at least five editing sessions. I would guess that about half of the original thoughts never make it through this process. They started out with an idea that just didn’t have the depth or personal interest to sustain the initially intended post.

Except for the short snippets that I occasionally put out, I never post first drafts. They almost always have typos or just don’t say exactly what I wanted. My first drafts suck.

The one part of the quote above that I have some disagreements with is that much of my writings come in spurts. Sometimes I will write five posts in one sitting and then go five days without authoring a word. But one thing I do agree with is that writing is a calling and not just a hobby or profession. Before I started RJsCorner nine years ago I had journals from decades before. I still do my journals in addition to the blogging.  Writing is a passion for me and I think I am kinda good at it. But that statement is up to you to make.