Grandpa Would Be Proud..

I have decided to spend this last week of the year totally ignoring our dark political times. Here is the first installment.

One of the things I remember most about my grandpa, besides him being a pig farmer, was that he would start each meal by cutting everything into small pieces and then mixing it all together!  No matter what was on his plate it would end up in a pile with everything else.When questioned about it he always said: “It’s all going to the same place so why not start it that way”.

2017-12-23_08-49-13.pngI’m sure if grandpa were alive today he would say “I told you so”. It used to be only the upscale snobby type restaurants piled all the food together in the middle of the plate, but now it seems to almost be a universal trend. I have always wondered how you are supposed to eat it when it comes that way. Personally, the first thing I do is to move everything to its own real estate on the plate so that I can enjoy each item individually.  I guess I have to pay more attention to those around me to see what most do?

Maybe grandpa had it right all those years ago and it just took the rest of us 50 years to catch up.  I would love to hear from some of my readers about what you think of this trend?

Share Your Thoughts..

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