Wild Turkey

2018-01-02_11-10-08.pngWe have a lot of wild turkeys running around our area but that is not what this post is going to be about.  Instead, it is about a Kentucky Bourbon manufacturer that I visited a few years ago while staying in downtown Louisville for a long weekend.  Wild Turkey brand bourbon is famous for being one of the strongest whiskeys around. Most are 80 proof while Wild Turkey is  101 proof!

I must admit that I am a bourbon drinker. I don’t partake of it very often but a Manhattan is my favorite cocktail. In my youth, it was an Old Fashioned but as I got older I graduated to the stronger stuff.  I’m pretty sure a large part of my genealogy is British/Scottish but I just can’t stand their version of whiskey.  I’d rather drink a bottle of Listerine than a bottle of Scotch. But I am getting a little off track here so back to the story at hand.

The Wild Turkey distillery is located in a pretty rural area of Kentucky. If it weren’t for GPS I probably would never have found the place. Once we got there the first thing I noticed was all the warehouses with small windows that housed the aging barrels of whiskey. That’s a lot of liquid corn if you ask me.  I can’t say that the distillery is high tech to any degree.  I imagine they are doing things pretty much the way they have for a hundred years.  I’m sure some of the buildings are at least that old.

One of the most ironic things about Kentucky bourbon is that you can’t buy it in many places in Kentucky. The reason for that “dry counties”, that is places where alcohol sales are prohibited. I did manage to buy a specially labeled bottle while I was there but even though it has been about 8 years since that time the bottle remains unopened!  I guess I am just letting it age a little more before I partake of it.  But given all the extremely cold weather we are having in Indiana now I just may break the label soon. 🙂

Another irony is that they say the first law enacted in Kentucky was making horse racing illegal.  Go figure!!!

I have been rambling on enough in this post.  It’s time for some pictures. As usual click on any pic to go to a larger slideshow view.


One thought on “Wild Turkey

  1. My son recently bought 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle in Louisville. I am not a bourbon drinker but he says it is to die for.


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