We The People…

Political allegiance is proving to be the scourge of our times.  Too many people, including our elected representatives, have placed their allegiance to their party above everything else.  That is a dangerous place for a democracy to be.

At the very least, don’t the members of the House and Senate, who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, have an obligation to rebuke this president for his attacks on the press and free speech, both protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution?

source:  ‘Like, Really Smart’ – The New York Times

A year ago I would never have imagined that the Republican party would end up almost totally aligned with the narcissist occupying the Oval Office.  But then again, maybe they see the writing on the wall that shows them this may be their last chance to get their political agenda passed into law. The trouble with that is that surely they also see how easy it is for a future president to pretty much undo everything they might accomplish with this megalomaniac.  Do they really put him above the constitution that he so often maligns?

I see the next thing on the GOP agenda for this year is to take care of all those nasty “entitlements”. These are things like Social Security and Medicare for the aged and Medicaid and Food Stamps for the poor.  They say those programs must be cut in order to give more to the corporate elite who might then pass it on to the worker, not those who don’t hold jobs.  I don’t know how far they plan on taking the scheme but I doubt even they are stupid enough to think that if they take serious money from seniors they are cutting into a big part of their base.

Party over Politics and principles is probably the most misguided trend of our times.  “We the People” which are the first words of our Constitution is the bedrock of our democracy. When they disregard those words in favor of allegiance to party they are playing with the devil’s fire. Surely they know that? But, given what they have done to date, maybe not…

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