I Am Always Trying To Figure Out The New Evangelicals…

One of the things that totally baffles me is how people who now say they are Evangelicals but vote in almost direct opposition to those established beliefs.  I hate to use the words but due to their hero the only words that come to mind is that they are “FAKE EVANGELICALS”!!

It’s a good time to try to sort out how Protestants who voted for Moore and Donald Trump may differ from, well, lots of the rest of us Protestants.

Analysts say about 80 percent of voters who identify as white Christian evangelicals and participated in Alabama’s special election voted for Moore. That’s roughly the same percentage of white evangelicals who supported Trump in 2016….

What baffled non-evangelicals in the 2016 election and the recent Alabama election was how evangelicals could support people whose values and actions made a mockery of evangelical ideals. Trump: a self-confessed sexual predator, a man of multiple marriages and mistresses, a businessman deeply engaged in casinos, a man of xenophobic tendencies. Moore: a credibly accused molester of teenage girls, a man known to express racist views, a flouter of the law who had to be removed as chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court.

How to explain all that?

via Evangelicals, non-evangelicals are divided by common religion | National Catholic Reporter

To me, this is kind of like the KKK who claims to be a Christian organization but don’t  show it in any way, shape, or form.  I know I am not supposed to judge what is in the heart of fellow Christians but I just can’t seem to see any other explanation.  I wish some of these folks would explain themselves in a public discourse so that we could begin to understand the logic in their beliefs if indeed there is any.

Without that testimony, I kind of think they are either lazy Christians who never bothered to learn about the teachings of their founder or they are putting on a mask to validate their very narrow view of the world.  I don’t want to judge them but without their input that is about all I can do.

But one thing I do know for certain is that they are killing religion with their actions.

7 thoughts on “I Am Always Trying To Figure Out The New Evangelicals…

  1. It’s showing their true narrow, small minded hypocritical character. There is a strong correlation between Trump supporters and religious people. I even know Jews that support him, so it’s not just Evangelicals. I think they are obsessed with abortion, gay marriage and white privileged and are anti immigration, science and a proper education. I would imagine there are much fewer atheist, agnostic or spiritual supporters of Trump.


    1. Hi Mary, I did look at your link to see what it said. I kinda think it is a diatribe in the opposite direction of the current evangelical kidnapping. We need to move beyond looking what makes us enemies and instead trying to concentrating on our commonalities. Throwing rocks over the fence accomplishes nothing but hate and fear. How to coexist with those who think differently than we do is my topic for the year. You will soon see posts about that in the coming month.


  2. I know many people (often evangelicals) who voted for Trump. They are good, caring people… not racists and mean spirited. They are educated , not science deniers, not anti immigration though they prefer that it be handled legally. I can understand that many feel that the radical left is as scary as Trump and I tend to agree with that. But they also voted for Trump in the primary, when they had much better choices. I’m not sure we will ever figure that out. Some are close to me, and we just don’t talk about it. I like your “coexist” motto. There is just too much hate in the world to add to it.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Judy. The people you mentioned don’t fit the normal profile but the puzzling thing is then “Why did they vote for him?” I’m sure most of the folks in the Lutheran Church I used to belong to are like the ones you talk about. I know the pastor there was strongly against all Democrats because of the abortion issue. That could be the reason. But I just don’t understand how they can throw all the other issues aside and only focus on that one issue. I personally could never do that.


  3. RJ-
    One thing I seem to notice about evangelicals (and perhaps others) is their conflation of Christianity and America. There is something about making America totally Christian that will create the correct environment that will create the second coming of Christ or something to that effect. One thing I think I have gleaned from their blog comments is that when they say “The US is a Christian country” they do not mean we should necessarily behave as if we are a Christian country but we are a Christian country and all other belief systems are allowed to be here at their sufferance – like others are just tolerated here and you can’t be an American unless you are a also a Christian – and even then only their brand of Christianity. I am going to be ungenerous here and posit that many people use the “single issue of abortion” to justify voting Republican when this is the way they would vote anyway. Makes them feel good to say “well I’d vote Democratic but I just can’t because of their abortion stance”. But in reality they would vote Republican regardless.


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