I Love Flickr…

I have been struggling here at RJsCorner trying to figure out the best way to get my photo collection out there.  I spend literally hours each week massaging photos to make them their best and I want others to see and hopefully appreciate my efforts. I say, and I do believe, that I take photos and travel as I do for my own benefit but it would be enormously satisfying if I thought others might enjoy my efforts.  But how to do that is the question I have been thinking about for a few days now

At first, I was going to add a new section here at RJsCorner to include many of my photos but I know that the vast majority of visitors here only look at the daily posts.  I considered Pinterest but decided the way the site is formatted my pictures would be gobbled up amongst all the cut/paste stuff that ends up there. Most of the popular social media sites are more geared to a person using a cell phone and selfie stick. They are just not enough for us serious photographers who use have well thought out libraries and use  SLRs and sophisticated editing tools.

slice4Then I rediscovered Flickr. Actually, I signed up for membership to this site in 2013 but have never really used it.  The site is sophisticated enough to allow my personal portfolio to stand on its own but still be connected to a larger population of photographers. I have spent several hours lately planning and beginning to move to Flikr. If you have some time you might want to browse what is there now. Just click on the icon to the right. Much more will be added in the coming weeks.  I have finally found a serious home for my portfolio.

Now before you tech-savvy folks chime in, I realize that Flickr has been recently sold to Verizon as part of their recent acquisition of Yahoo so the site’s future is a little unsettled right now. But since Flickr has billions of photos and millions of dedicated users I think they will likely be around for quite a while yet. I am willing to make that bet because they are the best and perhaps the only choice around for serious photographers.

For those who venture there, I want to give you an advanced look at my homepage there. The photostream button shows my latest 200 imports in the order they were downloaded. To see a better, bigger, and more organized look click on the Albums button.  I will leave it up to you to go further from there.


4 thoughts on “I Love Flickr…

  1. RJ-

    Some great photos. I love NYC. Want a real “treat” try Times Sq. at Halloween – the crowds are even stranger than usual.

    I guess the photo on you on the bench with the phone gets a chuckle or can you hear a bit if the phone is on high volume?


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