Free Range Cackles

2018-03-23_15-50-19I want to finish up on the preliminaries of the new format here on RJsCorner. As I told you a few posts ago cackles are about laying eggs. I want to assure you that the eggs I lay are free-range. My thoughts that are generated into posts weren’t pinned up in some dark place before or after they were laid.  They come fresh out of my mind onto virtual paper.

But like all children,   my posts must be nurtured and fed to be worthy of your purview. So they sit around in my chicken coop (better known as the Draft box) for a few days while I tend over them making sure they get my point across with only the necessary words. When I deem them “just right” only then are they ready for a cackle.

Just wanted to let you know…  I hope you find them fresh and flavorful? 🙂

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