Will Rogers – About Religious Beliefs

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A regular part of RJsCorner is going to be looking at Will Rogers quotes and seeing how they apply in today’s world. So, this is the first of many in that area.

Even  80 years ago it seems that there were more than a few who thought religions did more damage than they helped. I think what Will was saying is that “Bible thumpers,” and whatever they are called in the other religions, are the most intolerant of differences of faith.  They are just convinced that they are the only one who has got it right. This is what gets us into so many wars. The Sunni and Shiite quarrels cause thousands of deaths a year against each other and even to some of our boys and girls stationed over there trying futilely to control them.  Not that many years ago it was the Irish Catholics vs. the Protestants and so on, and so on… People disagreeing with others about religion seems to be the norm in our world and we can’t figure out how to get past that ignorance.

I am a big believer in “Coexist.” That is telling ALL the faiths to just play nice. If we could only manage that, war deaths could be almost eliminated.

Let the other fella believe what he wants as long as he lets you do the same. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

But sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to actually accomplish, aren’t they?

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  1. Just found you again on WordPress, as I had stopped getting your email posts for some reason.
    But a friend of mine at her Easter service where she lives (big mobile home golf community park) had the pastor there tell the congregation people got cancer and died because they had sinned. This is the stuff that is so ridiculous, hurtful and just plain mean. No wonder religion is losing the youth in droves. Certainly not a coexisting remark.


    1. I’m glad you found me again Mary. I don’t know how that email stuff in WordPress works or doesn’t work 🙂

      If you believe the statistics we in the US are perhaps the last to reject many of the myths of the bible, and especially the false teachings of those who call themselves God’s representative. They say the England is now about 80% who are not religious and the rest of Europe is pretty much the same. There is just too much scientific evidence to counter so many Christian beliefs. A few more generations and many religions will become irrelevant in the world.

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