Repeal The Second Amendment

Now before you jump on me with your rants, I am not trying to take your guns away from you.

Repeal 2.pngBeing a history nut I realize that the second amendment is presently not interpreted as it was when it was originally written.  The primary part of it was the first words “In order to establish a well-regulated militia.” The underlying fear back then was that now that the federal government has a standing army it poses a threat to the security of the separate states, so each state needs its own standing army, just in case.

But today, conservative courts have morphed the second amendment to mean that every citizen has a right to own whatever weapons they want. The idea that the second amendment is about guns and not militias, makes ANY legislation for gun control or even the studies on the social effects of guns next to impossible.  If it were gone we could treat guns like we do almost everything else that damages our society.

Repealing the second amendment would finally make it possible to give the kids what they are marching for and would finally make the sellers of firearms accountable for the damage their product does to society just like every other market in the world already is. It would make our schoolchildren safer than they have been since 2008 and honor the memories of the many, indeed far too many, victims of recent gun violence

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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would work that way. I think it would be a case of ‘give them (whoever them is) an inch and they’ll take the whole dang arsenal’, We don’t seem to be a nation of moderation.


  2. Today people bastardize the 2nd amendment to fit their own agendas. If not a repeal, certainly a redo. It will be impossible to do though, with the hold and power the NRA has over know the ones where it’s all about money


  3. Two opposing views here. I love it. I truly believe there will come a time when the vast majority of us say “enough is enough”. I don’t know how many more thousands of kids have to lose their lives before that happens. Someday we will finally accept what the rest of the world already knows and that is guns are far more a detriment to society than an asset and like other dangers they need to be regulated.

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  4. While we wait for Congress to take action…ha ha…We can at least try to keep up this anti-gun movement that has been started. We could employ a kind of passive resistance with a sort of shaming strategy…as was done with smoking. Maybe some public service messages repeating the horrendous statistics for gun violence, after all the excessive number of guns floating around us is hazardous to our health! We could promote more rallies, more speeches by prominent people. Some stores that sell guns have made some small changes in regard to automatic weapons due to public outcries…not much but it’s something. Maybe we could put some high taxes on some weapons and ammunition to discourage buyers and suppliers…and then use that tax money for public health. We could make requiremenst to purchase hand guns and automatic weapons more stringent. How about giving a good reason to need these in the first place? How about limiting the number of guns any one person can have? You only need one to protect your home…not an arsenal. With a do-nothing government it may be up to us…the people…to take the reins. I know I am probably naive and this would probably take a hundred years to accomplish…but you have to start somewhere. 🙂


  5. I gave the ultimate solution for all this in a previous post. Let people have as many guns as they want.Regulate the bullets. Without bullets, guns are just expensive clubs. 🙂


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