A Country of Immigrants…

I want to start off this Cackle with the thought that we need to welcome a much higher number of people to our country than we presently are. Our immigration quotes are shamefully low.

Being a self-proclaimed progressive liberal, it might be a surprise to you that I am not as entrenched in the immigration debate as I’m supposed to be.Ā  I can see some logic in both sides of the argument. One thing I ran across recently that pushed me a little to the conservative side is the following quote:

Giving amnesty to the “Dreamers” is like allowing the children of bank robbers to keep thoseĀ ill-gottenĀ gains

For the most part, I am a “law and order” type. I think those who break society’s laws should be held accountable for their actions. IllYes, sometimes civil disobedience is a necessary part of a democracy, especially for us progressives,Ā  but even then we must be willing to pay the consequences of our stands.

Illegally entering the county should have consequences, even for those who were dragged here by someone else. When we quit rewarding illegal entry into our country we can finally get control of our borders and maybe then when #CO3 is gone in 2020 we can increase the number of people will be future citizens.

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#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant

4 thoughts on “A Country of Immigrants…

  1. While letting them stay that may seem like allowing them to gain from their parents ā€œcrimeā€ sending them home would be like incarcerating them for their parents crime. Itā€™s not like they get to stay with no consequences there are conditions they need to meet.


    1. That is the other side of the coin Bob. Thanks for being the first to bring it up. I may be a law and order guy but I am very much on your side of the fence. Like everything else, this issue is shades of grey which my GOP friends don’t seem to be able to fathom.


  2. The quote about immigrants and bank robbers is not one I would embrace and I don’t think you would either. However, I do wonder what part of “illegal” is it that people do not understand. Maybe if those people that came here illegally learned anything, they could support their children back in Mexico now. Mexico does have an education system I think. Children need to be nurtured and helped and assuring that that will happen no matter where is very important.. In the end, I think it is a win win. So, as you can tell, I am torn. Darn!


    1. You caught me Barb. I was trying to stir some discussions about this issue. From what I know, and I might be wrong, but a majority of those who are here illegally came on visas but did not return to their native country when the visa expired. I really don’t understand this issue in that are we talking about deporting the family with the Dreamers or just the Dreamers themselves? LIke you I am torn on this issue.


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