Without Pictures

I know this is Sunday and that is usually where I  do my weekly Squawk, but for this week I will squawk tomorrow, Memorial Day, on a topic that needs extended words.

All the blog pundits say to always include enticing pictures with each of my posts.  But is that really necessary? I see the opposite in some blogs I follow. One in particular always has a half dozen or so stock images strewn throughout the text. In my opinion, this blogger is a very talented writer and the images do nothing but distract from the story she is telling.

I guess images are supposed to be something to draw your attention to the post. Kind of like the headlines in newspapers. If they are unique and directly pertain to the topic of the post I can understand that idea and use it. But, I kinda think pictures are much overused in the blogsphere, even here on RJsCorner! Now I am not talking about my artsy or beautiful posts. The photo is the center of attention in those posts as it should be. Those posts are an important part of my neighborhood and will continue.

Should my words be able to stand on their own or do they need some reinforcement from graphics/pictures? I would like to hear from anyone who has a say on this topic? Would you read my posts if there were fewer graphics involved?

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