Three Kinds Of Men…


It’s been a few days since I visited a Will Rogers quote, so I spent hours going through my archives looking for just the right one to say what I currently feel.  Well, actually, it took about one minute before I found one that grabbed me. But, spending hours just seemed more dramatical.

I am not so much lately but for most of my life, I have been an avid reader. Except for my initial introduction to this novels and such via the Hardy Boys, Steinbeck, London, and a few others I have just not been that interested in fiction. Instead, I leaned toward historical and when it wasn’t so dirty, political venues.  So, I guess that makes me one of the small group who learned a lot by reading.

Some of us learn by observation, but for the most part, people just can’t seem to learn via that mode. They gotta make the same mistakes as many in the past already have in order to know what to stay away from.  Learning for yourself as Will’s quote shows is pretty painful at times. No, I haven’t peed on an electrical fence but I saw a 600 lb bull do it and by watching the results it seems tragically painful.  🙂

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