We All Like To Think We Are Special

We all like to think we are special, especially during our teenage years.  We are trying to find our own identity but due to the lack of creativity in us we pretty much all end up being the same as everyone else.

In some ways, the feeling of being special is very isolating and sometimes even harmful. It is much easier to just go with the crowd and meld in with everyone else. It takes a special person to be well, special. What makes a person special is not how they look or what they wear, instead it is about what they do and the beliefs they hold.

I kinda think that each one of us is special in some small way or another. It is just finding that characteristic and developing it that makes it a reality. In my high school days that was not an easy task. There were no guidance counselors in my very small rural high school to help me find my nitch so to speak. Looking back, I did have some special skills but didn’t know it.

If there was just one basic life lesson that I could help present generations realize, it is that you need to find what makes you happy and then pursue that to fruition or dismissal if it proves to be a false happiness. The sooner you come to that realization the more satisfying life you will have.  One organization that helps kids do that is Roadtrip Nation http://Roadtripnation.org


I hope every kid has access to this organization.  I know if I had had access I would likely have chosen a different career path that would have been more personally satisfying.

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