Abolish The Death Penalty

2018-08-13_09-47-37.pngI have let it be known many times here on RJsCorner that I am pro-life in all regards and that certainly includes the death penalty. So, when I heard that the largest Christian church in the world’s leader Pope Francis, backed by bishops around the world, declared the death penalty unacceptable in all cases I lept for joy. Finally, at least some Christians saw that public execution was an affront to the very nature and essence of God.  Christians have a long history with the death penalty, going all the way back to A.D. 33, when the Roman Empire crucified Jesus.

Sadly, eighty-five percent of executions in the past 40 years have taken place in the Bible Belt. This means the Bible Belt is also the death belt in America. How did the church get into this situation? In the early days of Christianity when Roman soldiers wanted to join the church, they were told that they would have to find another occupation as being soldiers was not compatible with the teachings of Jesus.

There are six basic ways that life is abruptly ended:  murder, abortion, suicide,  lack of lifesaving healthcare, execution, and war. At least the last two are instituted by the government.

Jesus was pro-life in all regards and if you ask me, all his followers should proudly follow his example.

2 thoughts on “Abolish The Death Penalty

  1. One of the functions of Yom Kippur is for each individual to pass the test of the “court of heaven”. The Sanhedrin would, whenever it was within its jurisdiction to do so, leave the judgment of a person worthy of death in “the hands of heaven”, trusting that God would see to it that judgment or mercy would result, according to the divine will. However, the Torah makes it clear that the avoidance of justice is wickedness in itself. It is not unbiblical to have a death penalty, though many would struggle to accept it, just like it’s not unbiblical to slaughter an animal, though many would likewise object. It’s like war. Is war good? No. But there are times that refusing to go to war is sin, even if it’s purely based on the principle of peace. Sometimes, to go to war is for purpose of pursuing peace.


  2. The only thing I can surmise is that the Bible Belt is really the Fundamentalist and Evangelical Bible Belt and their twisted beliefs support the death penalty.


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