Heading to the Rendezvous

IMG_6426IMG_6426IMG_6424IMG_6424Here I am sitting in my uRV. It is only 6am but my body says it is 8 and time to get up. It took me three days to get here but I am finally in the Rocky Mountains and will be heading to the Ft. Bridger Wyoming Rendezvous later this morning.  I think I will hold off on the trip here report until I get home again, but I did want to give you a status report.

I am in my RV park here in Green River WY for a couple of days and managed to snap a few pictures as the sun came up this morning. The park it BIG. There are a variety of RVs here from the 40 foot long million dollar mammoths down to my little custom-made shell on the back of a 100,000+ mile pickup.  I managed to snap a couple of shots as the sun was coming up but since I have not really conquered photographing sunrises it didn’t show up very well.

I got my camera battery charged and an empty SD card and ready to go.  Speaking of which its time for me to put up my laptop and have some breakfast before I leave. More on the day tomorrow (I think?).

4 thoughts on “Heading to the Rendezvous

  1. Hi!!! We were parked next to you in the campground this morning and saw your web address and decided to have a looksee! My husband’s name is also RJ, so it caught our eye! Our motorhome is not a mammoth or a little guy … we are right in the middle! You actually followed us out of the campground this morning. You may have noticed our dirty, bright orange tow vehicle! Safe travels! RJ & Gloria


    1. Yes, I did notice you. I followed you for quite a while but my 26-year-old uRV just couldn’t keep up on those long grades. I had a fantastic time at the Rendezvous but had to give it up after just 6 hours and 6 miles walking. But I guess that is pretty good for being 7,000 ft (I am used to 500 ft) and me being a 72 year old.

      Have a safe trip wherever you are going my new friends.. 🙂


  2. This is in regards to “Alone Time” – could not get the “post a comment” to come up – Well – anyhow – I, too, require alone time – I get up in the morning – get a coffee – and Buddy (dog) and I head to my little office – Buddy likes some extra loving in the morning and I like to plan my day and “think” about things in peace – My husband goes out to our sunroom and watches the news – he is obsessed with Trump and I avoid starting my day ranting about politics – way too depressing and sets the mood of the day. I love being alone more as I get older too – kind of a “hush” thing I have going. I love to read and garden and interact with nature and my pets – The world is not to my liking right now and I really can’t believe the changes in American people – never knew there was so much intolerance and lack of compassion – so I just create my own little world – do my share to promote change – and carry on- I refuse to get depressed and loose my happiness – life is too short and I believe in the end – good will prevail – we are just going to through a rough time right now – at least I hope that’s what this is. Have a good day and be happy….


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