I think one of the biggest failures of the Obama administration was their naivete in thinking that they could compromise with the current Republican Party. Here are some words about that: 

American needs a loud, proud, uncompromising, demanding, and transformative opposition at this crucial juncture, my friends — one which accomplishes something in particular: a new social contract. What else is this wave asking for? Anything less is failing the moment, the opportunity, the challenge, and the test — of collapse. Trying to fight authoritarianism with gentle compromises and winsome diplomatic smiles is like offering your abuser tea and crumpets. America needs an opposition that can really defeat authoritarianism. But will it get one?…

You can’t compromise with extremists and fanatics. Why not? Because they are not interested in compromising with you — but in bullying, demeaning, and devaluing not just you, but everyone. They act in bad faith, reneging on promises. They undercut and subvert the basic functioning of a democracy. They start from an absurd position — and don’t give an inch. So what happens if you say, “hey guys — let’s be friends, and compromise?” You legitimize all the above — the bullying, the harassment, the intimidation, the little violence, the casual bigotry — don’t you? Then it becomes some kind of perfectly tolerable and acceptable “debate” or “discussion” — instead of something never to accept.

Source: Eudaimonia & Co

The above quote comes from my new friend over at Eudaimonia and Co. Click on the source to see the entire article. This guy is kind of out there as you say as they don’t hold back much. But their words are mostly right on point at one level or another.

When President Obama came into office in January 2013 he was hit head-on with a financial crisis generated by his Republican predecessor that was potentially as serious as the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Due to his naivete, he tried to reason with the Republican Congress but that proved to be a colossal waste of valuable time during his first 100 days in office. As a result, very little of what he hoped to accomplish was done.  He basically wasted his golden first two years trying to get along with those who considered him the enemy.

Now that the opposition party will control the House next month I hope they learn the lessons in the quote above. At this point in time, there is little to be gained from seeking compromise with the morphed Republican party.  Eventually, I hope that is possible but that is for the future. Right now we need a strong opposition party to prevent any more damage to our ever more fragile democracy. Even though I don’t particularly like her, I think that Speaker Pelosi is up to that task.

I hope that whoever comes into office in 2021 does not repeat the Obama mistakes of naivete. I doubly hope that he/she is a seasoned leader with the ability to turn us away from the approaching fascism.