An Endless Stream of Anticlimax

Watching the seemingly endless stream of people pleading guilty to one thing or another and then pledging to cooperate with their accusers is very tiring. It’s kind of like a TV melodrama that ends each week with an on-the-edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger. Watching all the many players and trying to keep track of them is a daunting task. There seem to be so many that they could fill a prison themselves. They keep getting indicted but the swamp just seems to always be getting deeper! 

It seems like an endless stream of anticlimax. “OK, that is another damning thing to add to the neverending list. When will it finally end?” And maybe, more importantly, how will it end. I think the Irish oddsmakers are still giving the star of the melodrama way less than a 50% chance of escaping unscathed. When will it end? When will the first shoe drop and even more critically when will the second one follow? For anyone not lost on a deserted island, it’s an emotional roller coaster no one seems to be able to get off!

With all this drama it surely has to have a cataclysmic end.  Reporting on it is kind of like writing your own novel. Should I end it with the sudden revelation that we are going over a cliff and finally realize the gridlock and tribalism will ensue and doom will quickly follow unless we do something NOW?  Should I end it with the fact that the damage is already far too severe for any possible recovery? Or maybe the star of the novel will suddenly realize the mess he has made of almost everything and quietly goes off with his head hanging, never to be seen again? I don’t even think that Siri even has the answer to this one.

If you haven’t already figured out what this is all about then don’t even try to figure out how it ends.

What’s your idea? How will this novel end?

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