Fox News Orphans

Fox News Orphans… I knew the thing had a name and I guess I am not surprised that Fox News is attached to it. Fox News Orphans are people who are separated from their tribe/family/church because of the current political circumstances. I can certainly relate to that on several different levels.

Here are some words from John Pavlovitz about that:

Her story was heartbreaking and it was tragic—but it wasn’t at all unusual. The room that night (just like this country) was filled with people like her: Fox News orphans, MAGA family refugees, and Trump-Train widows. I hear their stories dozens of times a day.

You are here because that is the cost of not being silent about the deepest contents of your heart. You are here because you will not soften your deepest spiritual convictions, which means that this distance, as painful as it is—is to be celebrated. You are where you are supposed to be…

Source: Stuff That Needs To Be Said

These are times when people with any decent amount of empathy have words with those who lack it, and unfortunately, many of them are family members. We simply can no longer remain silent while hearing our relatives, friends, and church members hateful rhetoric about people they fear. Fear is indeed a powerful emotion that is not easily tamed. Fox News is the apex of those inciting fearmongers.

What do they fear? I certainly can’t answer for them but I can speculate on the reasons. Since it is a fact that most of the Trump base are from rural areas, they see the world pretty quickly changing and fear that the loss of power that has kept their world together is eroding. They see their communities shrinking below a critical mass that holds them together. They see their influence being diluted by people unlike them. Their very small world is being ripped apart and they are scared to death!

Of course, rural communities are not a homogeneous mass. Some are very happy with their lives where they are. There are others who look at it as a needed migration away from rural areas of their youth to where better opportunities reside. It means leaving those behind with their Fox News fixations of the world.  It means they become orphans within their clans, churches, and home communities because they dare to tell them the truth about their obsessive fears.

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