Embracing Change at RJsCorner

My Mexican friends take the end of the year to seriously look for needed change for the new year. It is a time when they change to jobs with brighter futures for themselves and their families. In that light, I took the time to look at my digital world and found several changes that I want to do to make them better in this new year.

  • I am shutting down my photo oriented blogs and returning to Flickr as the primary tool for my photo portfolio. If you read a previous post you know that my attempt at separating them into a stand-alone thing has not proven successful. It is time to admit that and try a different approach. I plan to get seriously involved in the Flickr community going forward. If you are interested in seeing the photographs of my travels around America, you can now access them through Flickr via the “Photo Portfolio” button at the top of each page.
  • I am bringing up yet another blog, this one focused on creativity. Its title is CrackingCreativity and it will focus on my 2019 year long project of trying to become a more creative person. I am excited to finally get this project underway as it has been on my bucket list forever. I am a methodological guy so it will include a preliminary approach along with much reading on the subject. It may be embarrassing but I will also be publicly challenging myself with many exercises. I hope I see a definite improvement as the year progresses. If you have the courage to follow this new blog I think you might glean some info about maybe becoming more creative yourself. See a link to Cracking Creativity on the right side of your screen.
  • I am bringing my RedLetterLiving blog out of hiatus. I have not posted there in almost five years now but, I am proud to say it still gets a good number of daily views in spite of that fact. I think it is time to continue where I left off and to also add a new, more encompassing spin to it. Being a follower of Jesus has remained a high priority in my life but I have been somewhat reluctant to put much attention to it here. Given the ugliness of our times, I believe even more sincerely than ever that politics and religion should be separated. That is what will happen here. But then again, it does deserve a site of its own and can be accessed via the icon on the right side of your screen.
  • Filling the Saturday hole in my blogging schedule – Since Saturday and Sunday topics have been moved to their own sites my blogging schedule here will change. Saturday will become “Tech Review” day. I am a techie and have been since the invention of the Mac. Since I know that many of my viewers are senior citizens I thought I could help you out by keeping you abreast with the gadgets of the world or at least enough to have an idea what your grandchildren are talking about.
  • Filling the Sunday hole – To fill the Sunday vacancy created by moving religious things to RedLetterLiving, I will be adding a This & That category which will basically be my-week-in-review type thing. It will also include snippets from the scribbled notes I have collected during the week that just don’t deserve a post of their own. In other words, it will be a mishmash, much like my constantly churning and cluttered mind. 🙂

I hope you enjoy all these changes, I know I will enjoy embracing change and trying to improve myself and the blogs.

May we all have a prosperous, creative and happy 2019.

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