I’m Not Supposed To Be Like This.

I am a 70+-year-old white guy who leads a joyous life of a nuanced skeptic. I am not anything like the pollsters describe me:

  • We are supposed to be senile and therefore avid MAGA folks who are crouched in the corner of our basement clutching our guns in utter fear of all the hordes invading our country.
  • We are supposed to believe on faith everything our religious leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham tell us to believe.
  • We are supposed to believe that God is directly responsible for putting the current occupant in the Oval Office and he is doing the job perfectly.
  • We are supposed to fall in line with the idea of fake news and oppose any efforts to combat global warming.
  • We are supposed to be adamantly opposed to providing free healthcare to all our citizens as that will mean the end of our nation.
  • We are supposed to believe that all the news sources except Fox News are the enemy of the people.
  • We are supposed to have Fox New on in our households 24/7.

That is the image that the pollsters use to describe us.

But I kinda think there are a lot of us 70+-year-old white men around who are very contrary to the pollster’s image of us.

  • We spend our retirement years happily pursuing our interests and goals.
  • We don’t fixate on what is happening inside the beltway. We have better ways to use our time than that.
  • We try to stay up on what is happening in the world via several different news sources, and no we don’t believe that suddenly they have become our enemies.
  • We accept what 98% of scientists are telling about global warming and we want our government to lead the way to find solutions before the tipping point passes.
  • We want the world to be better for our children/grandchildren than it was for us, and we are actually doing things to try to make that happen.

Sadly, I do realize that the first scenario is true for more 70+-years-olds than I would like to admit. But they don’t represent all of us and ABSOLUTELY NOT ME.