This N’ That- Sunday Morning…

CBS Sunday Morning

I am a pretty regular watcher now of the Sunday Morning show on CBS surprisingly called “CBS News, Sunday Morning” 🙂 Last week it celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was started in 1979 with Charles Kuralt and is now hosted by Jane Pauley. I can remember Kuralt traveling around the country in his RV going to out-of-the-way places to tell us stories.

One thing about the show is that you can always expect it is about good news in one form or another. It celebrates the humanity side of life and leaves the dreadful stuff to the other news organizations. I think that is one of the primary reasons I have come to be a regular viewer. Sometimes its hard to remember that not everything is in the gutter of life now as displayed by so much of the news.

Another reason I might follow now is that Jane Pauley, along with David Letterman are “homeboys” so to speak. They were both born in my town of birth, Indianapolis. So, I just like to keep up with them.

Sorry But…

I know last week I promised you a weeklong series about Autism, but it is just not up to my standards yet. I have struggled to keep my promise but the topic is just too draining for me right now. So this special report is now on the back-burner. I will likely just bring it out in small pieces instead of a coherent block.

Taking Back Control

I am so happy to see such a diverse group of new people elected to Congress, well at least for the Democratic Party. They seem hell-bent on stripping control of our government for the powerful elite who have been there forever. If they can accomplish one-tenth of their ambitious schedule it will go a long way to giving power back to the people. If they are joined by more in the 2020 elections they just might be able to finally pass term limits. At least I can hope for that.


This past week all of us in the northern part of the country have survived the extreme cold weather! I think I am done with this stuff so vote for an early Spring. (ha) But at least it did result in some really neat pictures portraying why it happened. Click on the URL below to see more of them.

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