Sunday, March 10, 2019

What’s happened this week that might be worth a few words but probably not many more than that.

A More Creative Header for Sunday’s Posts

I hope you like it. It does show a slightly different angle for my end-of-the-week posts. And I think it just looks better. 🙂

There seem to be a lot more people who have chosen to be ignorant of all this political stuff going on. I certainly am one of them. I’m much happier as a result. Maybe you, heck, maybe everyone, should try it at least until a month before the next election. Let’s play a Rip Van Winkle on all this madness.

Which Liar Should You Believe – The ongoing battle between Trump and Cohen.

Cohen had several advantages going into his liars’ contest with Trump. First, he has owned up to his lies, which is something Trump has never ever done. Second, he had the audacity to return to the forum where he told the original lies thus putting himself up for additional prosecution. Third, he brought documents to support his assertions. The number of his lies is a molehill compared to Trump’s mountain. I see they are up to about 10,000 now, especially after his Conservative PAC two hour + rant last weekend. Even the foreign press it getting into the counting.

The Middle Class??

I know this graph is dated as it ends in 2014. Can you imagine what it is now after Trump’s mammoth tax cut for the top 1%! It’s probably at least doubled.

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