Techie Saturday – Passwords Be Gone…

I have a password manager that has 168 passwords in it. It is the only way I can see to manage all those logins. I will admit, contrary to what that tool warns against, that many of the non-critical fluff type sites I visit have the same name and password. But I do have several more critical sites that have very complicated and unique passwords of which I could never put to memory.

Every time I have to open that app to log onto a particular site I curse a little. I’m not a curser by nature, I don’t even say “shit” very often. But this password stuff drives me crazy sometime. Almost as crazy as all the buggy software and antiquated equipment I am forced to tolerate from AT&T (DirecTV, SLOW rural Internet service). But that is another story.

When I came across an article from “The Week” magazine a while ago I almost leaped for joy. It is about the World Wide Web Consortium recently ratifying WebAuthN which allows web sites to authenticate users with biometric information. What that means is that instead of having to drag out a complicated string of letters, you will be able to log into a site with a fingerprint or more likely a quick facial recognition.

So getting into any of your sites will be done by briefly looking at your computer/pad/phone camera. I don’t know how long it will take before this new standard is implemented. I hope it is soon…

But I’m sure some of you are yelling, “Oh NO… Not another change” 🙂

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