I hardly remember my college years now, but I know it was a joyous time in my life.

Life is about transitions. We start out with a total dependence on our parents, and then, except for the homeschooled, we start interacting with others in a school environment.  Our teenage years are a tumultuous period where we are supposed to grow from being a kid to an adult. This period is the first trimester of our life.

The second trimester is mainly about our work and social world.  We choose an occupation that hopefully gives us a purpose and enough income to have a comfortable life and to be able to save for our retirement years.

The third trimester is about our post-work world.  It is about those years where we finally have a choice of doing whatever we want. In some ways that freedom in the most taxing time of them all. But, that is a topic for future posts

Life is all about transitions, and RJsCorner is no exception. This blog has been in existence in various forms for about 12 years now. During the past two years I have allowed RJsCorner to become more and more involved in the dark side of life. That certainly includes our wretched political environment and the fear and isolationism that invade far too many of us. I am ready to change that in a dramatic way going forward.

One of my core instincts in my life has always been to “fix’ things. I am a fixer.  I see the problems of the world and think I can in some small way help to fix them, but of course that is usually total folly on my part. Yes, I know the Gandhi quote about doing little things, but I’m just not sure I want that to be part of my third trimester anymore.

I have spent the last couple of weeks working on the next transition for this blog. I have some more to do, but the foundation is now complete. I will let you know more about that soon. I promise I will be back with an even more enjoyable place to visit. Please be patient. 🙂