Introducing … RJs Reviews

I seem to be full of creative ideas lately. I don’t know why but I want to preserve them when I can. So I am hereby introducing yet another category at RJsCorner.

As you can see from the new banner, it will be where I want to encourage you to read up on the subject more. But, I realize your time with me here on RJsCorner is pretty limited, so I will give you the suggestion in 50 words or less. Let me explain a little further. My Snippet posts are where I give you my words about the topic.

For upcoming RJsReviews, the words will be taken from the source article with no additions by me.

When a RJsReview is posted, if you want to see more just click on the identified source to see the whole article.

I promise I will limit this new project to topics that will not raise your blood pressure too much, but I hope they do get you to thinking about the subject at hand and maybe studying it a little more.

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