We seem to be facing crisis after crisis due primarily to some of us refusing to face facts that others are screaming are critical. There are two areas that stand out to me and that is what his post is all about.

A Spiritual Nightmare…

America’s national crisis has turned into a political and spiritual nightmare.

When our President demonizes in word, harms through his policies, and inspires violence against those who God calls “beloved”—we need to call it what it is: anti-Christ politics.

The words above were recently written by Jim Wallace of Sojourners. His reputation has been damaged the same as so many like him by the “Evangelicals” of our times. There are so many who naively assume that everyone who wears the “religious” mantel is linked at the hip with the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3).

Religion has been maybe forever tainted with that decision by those who are so many who are terrified that their spiritual beliefs are being attacked. They see #CO3 is their last desperate hope for saving those beliefs from oblivion. The tragicresult is that their fears are actually almost assuring their demise. They have bitten off their nose to spite their face so to speak.

Yes, the influence of many of the world’s religious beliefs have been on the wane for decades now, but until recently that could have been turned around with the right charismatic leader. Unfortunately the “Evangelicals” chose a totally flawed person as their savior. In doing that they have hastened the tipping point of their potential demise.

I’m sure many of these possibly well-intended people will look back and say “we did our best, but Satan prevailed!” To the end they will never realize, or at least admit, that they are responsible for their potential fate.

The only hope is this condition is that the other 75% of religious people are somehow able to convince the world that they are not the same as the “Evangelicals”. They see God’s love instead of his wrath.

A Climate Nightmare…

The other nightmare scenario that is playing out are those who deny the findings of 98% of the world’s scientists that global warming is approaching a tipping point to potential catastrophic change.

I don’t have the data, but since science and religion have been in a power struggle for centuries, I have a feeling that many of those are causing the first nightmare scenario are also intimately engaged in the second.

I wonder what those who are “climate deniers” will say if they manage to cause us to go beyond the tipping point in this nightmare as well. I suspect it will be something like “I just didn’t think it was that bad!!”

In closing, I pray that as we have in the past, we will be able to step back from the edge of the cliff and fix things. But, tragically I think that time as maybe passed for the first nightmare and it is getting dangerously close in the second.

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