Lazy, Incurious, Insecure, Enemy of the People

I wonder how many of you will immediately get what the post is about from the title? I suspect quite a few will. These words are from an OpEd piece from Paul Krugman of the New York Times and that is what this post is about.

Let me fill out the words in the title with a paragraph from the author.

Ok, I know there is not one of you who were still in the dark about the subject of this post. This article got my attention because it actually puts a positive spin on our times. We should all be extremely thankful for #CO3’s (current Oval Office Occupant) flaws. If it were not for them he could be doing real irreversible damage. Thank goodness he is so flawed.

The most damaging part of his reign, yeah I do mean “reign” as that is how he sees himself, is the damage he has done to the GOP. Or maybe, more appropriately the damage they have done to themselves to back such a despicable person. The Grand Old Party is no longer a party of fiscal responsibility and conservative views. They have bent so far to accommodate this guy that they have morphed into something unrecognizable to even Reagan Republicans.

Going back to the “reign” word. It is and has been from the start totally obvious that he sees himself as an autocrat who is answerable to no one. Everything he says he believes is absolutely brilliant. Anyone who disagrees is guilty of treason.

America should be grateful that he is the epitome of insecurity and incompetence. As Paul Krugman mentioned his character flaws are the only thing that gives us a fighting chance to quickly undo the damage he has done.

At this point I cling to anything that pulls me out of my despair of our times.

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