Socially Responsible Government?

It seems that so much of the rest of the countries of the world have learned that government by its fundamental nature must be a socially responsible institution. Yeah, we have “We the people…” at the beginning of our constitution, but lately we seem to be ignorant of what that means. Since social responsibility is one of my bedrock beliefs, I have been studying the Democratic field of presidential candidates to find those that have a socially responsible government as a core of their beliefs. I think I have found the candidate who epitomizes that arena.

I must admit that I have been following Elizabeth Warren for a number of years now, and she has been totally consistent in her belief that “We, The People” is what makes America what it is, or at least has been until recently. She has not budged one iota from her “Power to the people” approach to governing. For that reason I have contributed to her campaign recently and plan to continue doing that as long as he is a viable candidate.

I really thought that she, instead of Hillary, should have been the 2016 Democratic candidate. If she had I am convinced she would now be president and the country would be much different from what it is now. I will admit that some of her views I disagree with. One of those is that she is too anti-business for my fiscally conservative mind. Just because a company has managed to exceed customer expectations and gotten a large market share is no reason to split them up. Amazon, who is on her hit list has gotten where they are by offering prices and services that far exceed their competitors. We don’t need to be breaking up companies simply because the vastly exceed customer expectations!

Another area is immediately eliminating private insurance and making Medicare For All in its place. That process needs to start with Medicare competing in the healthcare field to prove that it is the only way to efficiently provide health services. That may take a few years, but we have been waiting for it for so long that a few more years won’t matter. I know she is a pragmatist, so I view her “Medicare for All” to be an end goal and not a starting point. Once she gets beyond the party campaigns I’m sure she will talk more about that.

I am also convinced that when some level of sanity returns to the congressional branch, they will reign in some of her more radical visions. I suspect that in 2021 both the presidency and congress will be in Democratic hands, and we can then get back to a level of sanity in our government processes. We can get back to the idea of having three distinct areas of government who counterbalance each other.

The next “Having My Say” post I will be talking about why I don’t want to see her as a second term president.