President Warren As A Second Term President?

It might seem strange that I want Elizabeth Warren to be a one-term President as stated in a recent post here at RJsCorner. The reasons behind that statement are what this post is all about.

If my genes hold out to be accurate, the next president will be the last one I will probably see. I am an optimist at heart, so I want to leave this world with the hope that we will once again be a compassionate nation who really cares for each other. President Warren would be a big step in that direction. I also hope that she will pledge to be a one-term President as she would be nearly eighty-years old before her second term is completed. With that in mind, I hope she wisely chooses her running mate so that he/she can take over when she leaves. Right now Mayor Pete fits that bill for me, but that remains for another post.

As it stands the top three candidates are all over 70 years of age and Elizabeth Warren is the youngest of the three. I know age affects people differently but I think many of the aging patterns are common to almost all of us. With that in mind I want to talk about it from a personal perspective.

When I turned 70 three years ago, I noticed a tendency to forget more than I have in the past and that has only increased since then. I can lay down my glasses and then in the next minute forget where they are. I also struggle for words now that were once very familiar to me. Plainly speaking I am losing some of my faculties as I age. I was a pretty successful and celebrated software designer in the 1990s but I have no idea anymore just what that encompassed.

What I am saying is that dementia settles in on all of us as we age. Some more quickly than others. Being President requires a person to be at the top of their game. If you want proof that age affects president in fulfilling their duties there are several examples even within my lifetime.

I remember reading a book years ago about FDR’s last term in office and dementia was very prevalent during those years. Many believe that the subsequent power of Russia and the Soviet Union were primarily due to his incompetence in his third term.

Then there was Ronald Reagan. During his last term in office it became obvious to many, including me, that he was just not capable of day-to-day White House duties. Of course, Nancy shielded him from reporters and such and privately made many of the decisions herself. It would not be long after he left office that Alzheimer totally consumed him.

Then we get to the current Oval Office occupant. For whatever reason, he just doesn’t have the wherewithal to learn what he needs to do to do his current job. Of course, his narcissism and growing up privileged has a lot to do with it but I also believe that age plays a role.

So many now claim that “80 is the new 60” but I think that is fascicle thinking. Mental and physical deterioration is just a natural part of the aging process. Yeah, some seem to beat it but many can’t.

One comment

  1. RJ you are spot on. I have watched the same process you describe happen with everyone of my older relatives. It will also happen to me, regardless of what I do. Could I be the one that lives to 100 in full control of all my mental & physical faculties? The odds are better I will become a NBA star. I marvel at folks belief and desire that we can or should lengthen everyone’s life to 100 or more. I cannot conceive of a more frightening future for humanity.
    Given a choice I would prevent anyone over the age of 65 from running for any office. Once in office it is very difficult to get rid of them and not always possible to see the deterioration of their mental competence or ability to effectively deal with the tasks at hand. My recent representative hung on until he was almost 90. He should have retired many years ago.
    I do not relish the fact that all of the most likely presidential candidates are over 70. For the job that could be the most important in the world I would definitely say they have all passed their use by date.


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