Gerontocracy and True Representation.

Let’s face it, our country is primarily ruled by old people like me. Is that what the framers wanted? That is what this post is about?

Just how old were the leaders of the American Revolution? If you look at the Gilbert Stuart images they were all white haired and therefore must have been pretty old. It turns out that these portraits are really not an accurate presentation. The pictures were generally painted years later when the leaders were elder statesmen, but in reality most of them were younger than 40 years of age in 1776. You also must realize that white powdered wigs were the thing in those days to show authority. Now, to get to the point of this post.

John Adams wrote that the legislature should be an exact portrait of the people at large. It should think, feel, reason and act like them. If that were the case today, we would have much different priorities. Things like universal access to college, healthcare, the environment would leap ahead of many of the entanglements we now find ourselves in.

Just how do we accomplish a congress that is a mirror of the country? One thing is to give more teenagers access to the ballot and maybe more importantly teach them just how important and powerful their vote is. According to the latest data young people are up in arms against the current administration and a big majority plan to do something about it in the coming election. To counter that the GOP in most red States are trying to find ways to stifle the youth vote! One of the things they are doing is to make it more difficult for college students to vote. Sometimes I wonder whether the current GOP even knows what a democracy is.

How do we make our government representatives mirror the population??

That is the question of the coming decade. The average age for the current Senate is 62 years. The average age of the citizens is 38 years. That is almost a 40% difference! What needs to happen to re-align our government?

Outlaw Gerrymandering

One of the major things that keeps us in the status quo is gerrymandering. This is not a partisan issue as both parties practice it when they are in power. Self-preservation is as strong among government representatives as it is for everyone else. I have no doubt that when the Democrats take over more state legislatures they will make the same spider districts to keep themselves in office.

Get Young People Involved

It is a statistical fact that if those between 18 and 29 were to vote in larger numbers they could easily control the agenda of the country. It’s clear they this group has a very different view of where America should be going than the MAGA/Evangelical.

Bring The Constitution Into The 21st Century

Another thing that is in need of serious change is our constitution. It has been changed 27 times since its inception, but hasn’t been changed in almost fifty years! Can you think of anything that has remained the same in the last fifty years? It’s time to move the Constitution into the 21st century. That is what the next “Having My Say” post is going to be about.

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