Kill The College!

I am a social progressive living in a very RED State so my votes for president seldom count! I am tired of having them stripped away because of the Electoral College. The sooner we can get rid of this antiquate way of electing a president the better.

4 thoughts on “Kill The College!

  1. If you count, there are as many Democrat one and two seats as there are Republican. I live in Delaware. Rhode Island has two congressional seats.
    Why would people in 45 states even bother to vote?
    Not sure you really want the food belt to not have a say in who is President, do you?


    1. Because every vote should count. We are electing a president for all of us so all of us should have equal say. The power of your vote should not depend on where you live. One Person, One Vote is a true democracy.

      I could put the question back to you, why should a person in Delaware have more say than I do? Why should I even bother to vote is the basic question for when my State throws away my choice.
      But thanks for the thought… 🙂


  2. Your vote would not count at all if we get rid of the electoral college unless you live in one of five or six states. Now you have me thinking outside the norm but within the constitution.
    My thought is that the electoral college should not be all or nothing in every state. Let’s take Delaware. There are three electoral college votes in Delaware. The Pop vote was 54/45. The electoral college could have been 2/1. Pennsylvania would have been 21/19 not 40 for Trump. California would have been 35/20. It is up to states how electoral college is split up,


    1. Thanks for the further thought, but I still say every vote should count and it shouldn’t be up to the State to decide whether they do or not. California has a LOT of people so of course they have a lot of power. To me States are just imaginary boundaries that separate us. Some time ago I learned how the various State boundries were made and it was mostly about the politics and situations at the time than it was for any other reason.


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