A Hidden Gem…

I was pleasantly surprised to come across a hidden gem during one of my uRV trips this summer. I have been through Dayton Ohio several times before but never really looked for a place to visit besides the Dayton Air Museum. What I found was the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Site.

Of course, I was familiar with the Wright Brothers and Kitty hawk North Carolina but I didn’t have much knowledge about the Wright brothers themselves. That would change on this visit. It seems like I have some of the brother’s genes in that they were successful in several different areas but when they accomplished the skills they became bored with the topic and then moved on to other things.

They started out in the grocery business and then moved on to printing before they became fascinated with flight. They spent years studying and experimenting with flight before that Kitty Hawk historic event. The only reason Kitty Hawk is known for flight is because that was the windiest place close to Dayton that they could find.

The story of the brothers and their lifelong partnership is a fascinating one that is epitomized with a film entitled On Great White Wings. I would highly suggest that you visit this site or at the very least get the DVD that is available through Amazon on the subject.

I want to leave you with a gallery of pictures from my visit. Click on any one of them to see a larger view.

One thing that this visit did for me was to add another thing to my bucket list. I wonder how many other national historic sites I have overlooked during my travels. Now I want to visit them all, so I will be gathering info on them during the coming cold winter months. There is only one site in my State of birth and I have visited there numerous times, but there are many more within a day or two drive from my homestead. I think they will be at the center of my uRV trips in 2020.

One thought on “A Hidden Gem…

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and reflections on your visit. That very much mirrors my experience stopping there a couple of years ago. It was fun surprise and a great way to spend a morning.


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