Are We Praying To A Narcissist God?

With this post I am going to bring back my Sunday talks about spirituality and my enlightened view of things religious. This post is about praying to God.

I don’t know how many times I heard the words “I will pray for you.” Many times it was in relationship to some distressing health event. Maybe my Aspie side is taking over here, but I just don’t think God needs our prayer to do whatever he wants. It is almost as if people believe that God takes a poll to decide if he will intervene. If enough prayers are received he will do what they ask, otherwise forget it.

Does God demand our prayers. I know the current Oval Office occupant can’t get through a week without holding a “How Great I Am” rally. He absolutely feeds off the adoration of his followers. I just don’t believe that God is like that. If we have to pray to God to make something happen, then what we are really doing is asking God to save us from God. I don’t think God needs our prayer. period.

Of course, I see things differently when it comes to prayer. I believe that prayer works by unlocking empathy in others. It binds us together in relationships. I just don’t believe that prayer about healing, or anything else, changes God’s mind. Instead, it is intended to change our mind and maybe provoke us or others into action.

Prayer is to help us realize that we are not in this alone. It gives us a way to try to move beyond our current selves. Praying to God is, at least in my mind, a way to be thankful for what we have and to treat others as we want them to treat us. That is a truth that the world emphatically needs today.

Praying is for our benefit… not God’s