Saving The World Is Hard – Global Warming

In the coming years global warming will eventually be the number one issue for all of us (except maybe for the MAGA/Evangelical folks). I just hope that it rises to that status before it is too late to really do anything about it. We didn’t get into this mess because of one particular thing, and we won’t get out of it with just one thing. This post is about some things each of us can do to make sure global warming is addressed before it is too late.

This is the second post of a ten-part series on the broader topic of “Saving the world”. The remaining posts will give details on what we can personally do for each of the categories covered. For this post, I want to concentrate on our part of the global fix and that is to get involved in getting our government to see global warming as the threat that it is, and to demand that they get start doing concrete things to prevent it from being irreversible.

I know, writing, texting, calling your representative really doesn’t have much of an effect. At best, your effort will simply produce a blip on some statistical data sheet and maybe a form reply. None of the current group of congressional politicians dare to do anything that is contrary to their party. To do that means stripped committee assignment and therefore less power. Even though I don’t like it I realize that to most in the domed building power is second only to breathing.

But where we do have power in public matters and that is primarily in the voting booth. We need to make sure that the person whose lever we pull will give global warming the high priority it demands. We need to put the world’s existence above our allegiance to any one party. Yes, other things also matter but what could be more important than assuring that there is a livable earth for our children and grandchildren?

Generally speaking, each of us needs to also put aside things that might make our personal lives seem a little better and instead think globally. Yeah, we could all use a little more money in our wallets, but we should not take that to mean that we are willing to ignore an obvious threat to our planet in order to buy that new pair of shoes. I know this is corny and maybe dated to some, but we should take John Kennedy’s words below seriously.

Each of us should be determined to do our part in this war to save the world. If not ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren.

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