Getting Serious About Flickr… Again

I have been searching for a few days now for the perfect site to display some of my best photographs. After all those hours I have decided to get serious with Flickr… Again. That is what this post is all about.

It seems at the end of each year I have to stop and see where I am at this point in my life. I know I am seeing the darkness at the end of the tunnel now and therefore want to spend the time I have left enjoying life as much as possible. I want to shed off the things that don’t give me pleasure anymore and heap on those that do.

In some ways my photo collection is my main pride and joy. I have about 25,000 photos now that are seriously cataloged by year and subject. I spend hours each week tweaking photos to make them just right and to make sure they are cataloged and sub-cataloged so as to be easily found. I think I have some creative talents in this area and want to show them off. Is that vane pride? Maybe so but I think I have earned that privilege. 🤣 The problem has always been that there are literally billions of photos out there that compete for views. I’m not trying to become the next Ansel Adams but I do enjoy a pat on the back once in a while where I think I have done a good job with a particular photo.

I spent much of last week looking over the possible apps to get a little recognition but just never came up with anything that beat out Flickr. I am not looking to sell anything, I don’t need the money enough to pollute the experience itself. In fact, I usually make it clear that anyone can use my images as long as they acknowledge its source. Again, maybe vanity but I don’t care. 🥴

I enjoy the successes of RJsCorner even if they are somewhat limited. I don’t mind being a big fish in a little pond so to speak. But, I do recognize that most who come here are only interested in the daily post in front of them. Seldom do they click on a Flickr image to the right to maybe discover another side of me. That’s fine, I know I am competing with many other things for the few minutes a day you spend here. But it would be kind of nice to have someone appreciate my creative side too.

OK, enough of the self-lamentations. If you have any suggestions for how I might get my photo portfolio out there I would welcome any of them.